Dadaoism – a new anthology (from Chômu Press) – Dadaoism (2) –

Dadaoism (3) – Dadaoism (4) – Dadaoism (5)

SECRET EUROPE – by John Howard and Mark Valentine: OneTwoThreeFourFiveSix

BLACK HORSE and Other Strange Stories – by Jason A. Wyckoff: OneTwoThreeFour

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  1. Regarding the various websites that I use for my real-time reviews, I try to make venues appropriate to the type of review being placed on them. Having said that, I feel justified in using my various book sites etc. for my real-time review venues (as a spin-off marketing) because I have always bought the books I review, i.e. as a normal customer (or, very rarely, it’s a contributor copy or exchanged it for another book). My over-riding love however is actually in doing the real-time reviews themselves for my own creative reading satisfaction, which, as merely another spin-off, hopefully benefits all the good literature I choose to review.

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