Big Brother 2010

Shabby, Ben, Chantelle, Victor, Josie, John-James, Sunshine, Preston, Coolio, Ulrika,, Mario, Govan, Makosi, Bob Righter, Mr Snuggles, Sam Pepper et Al

Read my running real-time comments towards the end of the very long thread here:

This is what I said in 2004:

Actually, BB is symptomatic of a lot of what is wrong with life today. Swearing, loose morals, blatant exploitation etc. However, paradoxically in a way I can’t really explain, it also seems constructive, semi-dramatic, inspiringly nightmarish, thought-provoking in its development of one’s own insights into the psychology of the modern angst. The question is what one does with those insights. Turn it by alchemy into art (writing)? Or allow it to help you understand and help yourself and others in this human jungle?

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