Real-time Reviewing – both selfish and selfless

Real-time Reviewing – both selfish and selfless

posted Sunday, 28 February 2010


I have been speculating upon the ‘journey’ that I mention in my latest real-time review ( ).

Was the journey different by virtue of the fact that I knew I was intent on publicly writing in real-time about the journey while making that very journey?

I sense that public real-time reviewing — hopefully giving alternative perspectives to previous readers of the book as well as to its new readers — also creates a wonderful experience, yes, a different experience from what would otherwise have taken place, i.e. for the very reviewer spending time and effort in creating the real-time review.

It is perhaps the new way to read, one that, psychologically, is now only possible through using the internet in this way. One of the more positive things about the internet, among a lot of negative ones.

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