The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada

The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada

posted Thursday, 17 June 2010

NEMONYMOUS TWO was published in 2002: its stories’ author by-lines not being linked up to the titles until the next issue of ‘Nemonymous’ in 2003.  However, for one story, THE VANISHING LIFE AND FILMS OF EMMANUEL ESCOBADA, the author decided to remain anonymous and that has been the case ever since.

The story has received much acclaim and interest over the years. In fact, one wonders whether it is true what the story seems to indicate and make you believe: that this film director really existed (there was a website for him at the time linked in the story itself).  It is a very strange yet convincing piece of fiction and it needs to be read to even get a flavour of its quality. But is it fiction?

 Today in 2010 one of my old friends kindly pointed out to me that there is indeed a recent reference to Emmanuel Escobada at the foot of this film website HERE.


One review of this story in 2002 HERE.

A recent acclaimed novella that says it was partly inspired by this story: HERE.


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5 responses to “The Vanishing Life and Films of Emmanuel Escobada

  1. There are copies of NEMONYMOUS TWO (2002) still available: £7 each plus postage for destinations outside UK.

  2. What’s this?
    There is some intriguing music – and I’ve noticed that if you run the cursor over the picture it comes up with different phrases

    And please don’t forget the world’s first blank story in NEMONYMOUS TWO.

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