The Road to Coronation Street

The Road to Coronation Street

A brilliant drama last night on BBC4 TV based on the creation of Coronation Street in 1960. Brilliantly acted. And poignant for someone like me who watched the first episode in real-time. Indeed, I never stopped watching it …. until 2004.  I now  feel sad I abandoned something so precious.  Coronation Street celebrates its 50th anniversary this December.  No sign of it ever ending. 

I’ve just watched ‘The Road to Coronation Street’ this afternoon on BBC iplayer because I was at a meeting of the Clacton Writer’s Group when it was broadcast last night. Amazing to report that in a speed-writing exercise – during that meeting – I created a tea-lady with an urn on a trolley who turned out to be pivotal in my exercise. I must have written it just as the tea-lady in this drama appeared on the screen … another pivotal force in my life as it turned out – 1960 – 2004.

I have placed my exercise to read HERE.

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