Review of NULL IMMORTALIS now vanished

The review below appeared here on 7 August 10, but has since slipped down the page and away!

This volume, the tenth and very last of the acclaimed Nemonymous series of dark experimental stories, provides a fitting coda to a group of anthologies that celebrates the strangeness, elegance and sheer artistry of the writer’s imagination set free from the constraints of mainstream marketing. Each story is perfect gem in its own right, and I will touch on a few that I feel are most representative of the whole. William Meikle opens with a deftly circular story, “Turn Again”, which encompasses the thematic thrust of the anthology as well as providing the concept for the subtle, visually compelling front and back cover art. Margaret B. Simon’s story, “Troot”, is a short, sharply crafted tale of a clerk’s realization that his present reality parallels a terrible past. Steve Rasnic Tem’s “The Green Dog” is a wondrous and moving story about a man, his dog, and a mysterious mirror—told from the dog’s point of view. “Holesale” by Rachel Kendall features a disgraced market trader who is now in the business of selling miniature black holes. “FIRE” by Roy Gray is a witty and thoughtful tale of what one man is thinking as he faces a firing squad. In “Lucien’s Menagerie” by David M. Fitzpatrick, a woman must spend the night with her own horrific memories in order to inherit her ex-husband’s house. Stephen Bacon’s tale of creeping weirdness, “The Toymaker of Bremen”, follows a young boy, separated from his parents, who is subsequently adopted by a couple whose backwoods home is filled with bizarre toys and objects. “Haven’t You Ever Wondered?” by Bob Lock features the anthology’s editor as a character and draws references from earlier anthologies in the Nemonymous series. NULL IMMORTALIS includes a fascinating conceptual requirement of its writers: a character by the name of Tullis must be included in each story, and the inclusion of so many Tullises deepens the already delightful weirdness of the anthology as a whole. (The reason for the Tullis characters is revealed on the last page of the anthology.) NULL IMMORTALIS: NEMONYMOUS TEN is a triumph of creativity and craft that resonates in the reader’s mind long after the final page has been turned. Bravo! Only 200 copies of this limited edition anthology will be available for purchase. Please contact the editor at to query about availability and price.


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