Ex Occidente Press / Zagava Books – My Real-Time Reviews

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5 responses to “Ex Occidente Press / Zagava Books – My Real-Time Reviews

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  2. I feel that I remain justified, as announced publicly elsewhere, in withdrawing my own collection ‘The Last Balcony’ from Ex Occidente Press when it announced a time-limit for its publishing such great works of ‘European Weird Literature in the Ex Occidente style’ (my description). For my own and other readers’ benefit, there will hopefully be at least one more such book published than there would otherwise have been had mine been published as planned within the timescale now given.

  3. I think it right gratuitously to record here that the first five editions of NEMONYMOUS (2001 – 2005) were also in a quality landscape format.

  4. The Coanda Effect – separate from Rhys’s book – exists ‘for real’ on Wikipedia I’ve since noticed.
    I think my action described by my first comment above is an example of the Coanda Effect in working practice, in real-time, real life…

  5. Significant event for me: http://admtoah.wordpress.com
    “- and an Ex-Lover was always the Next-Lover…” – The Next Files

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