Mark Z. Danielewski – The Familiar

Someone has just alerted me to the fact that Mark Z. Danielewski is writing a 27 volume novel about a 12 year old girl and a kitten…

I am a seriously great fan of his book HOUSE OF LEAVES –  I mention it in at least four of my Real-Time Reviews so far. A prize for anyone who first identifies these mentions.

– but 27 volumes, why stop there?

Proust has recently written a 52 volume novel entitled DYING TOO SOON.

And I wrote NEMONYMOUS NIGHT in 273 volumes, recently distilled at great pains into one.


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6 responses to “Mark Z. Danielewski – The Familiar

  1. NEMONYMOUS NIGHT – my only novel – was yesterday accepted for publication by Chômu Press. 🙂

  2. tracey norton

    Hi Mark. ‘when is the new book The Familiar going to be on our bookshelves in england? ‘When are you doing a book tour in england?’

  3. Nearly 5 years after the above blog post, it has arrived! See my forthcoming review here:

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