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    12 July 2014 Noon


    All my WordPress sites, other than this one, have just closed down from today for a Sabbaticess and an intended reconstruction, but all their current content and links will be preserved unchanged. Currently, you may enter these sites by requesting access if you are a WordPress registered user. Nobody will be refused.*

    During this period, if you can’t find a continuation part of any Real-Time Review, you may be able to find it by searching for its second copy here:
    Also you can always obtain from me, duly signed, the complete printed text in book form of any of my past Real-Time Reviews – or direct from the printer at Lulu. Details here:
    Non profit to me.

    My ‘Rameau’s Nephew’ site continues unchanged here:

    *all you need to do is sign in normally as a WordPress user and then, on the next page, click ‘request access’.

    [This real-time reviews site is nominated for the 2014 BFS award for non-fiction.]

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