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    My natal chart above is no longer the Weirdmonger Wheel Collider but a diagram of the entry points to the Earth of one’s identity and hawling interactions within it for ‘Nemonymous Night’ as published by Chômu Press.

 See below for details of the Natal Chart that underpins it.

“In a top front room of one of those grander houses, a young woman woke to find herself standing in the middle of a carpet. She often woke like this, and was not surprised; but she asked herself to what room the carpet belonged this time.” —From ‘I Hear You Say So’ a story by Elizabeth Bowen (1945)


From here: http://www.ligotti.net/showthread.php?p=51396#post51396

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Not so interesting as TL’s data, but mine is 18 January 1948, 5.40 pm – Essex, England. You need all that sort of data.My resultant chart has been haunting me since I first erected it in 1975.

Here’s Des’ chart (with his permission) Pretty wild!

(18 January 1948, 5.40 pm, Essex, England)

Hi, The New Nonsense
Thanks very much. That indeed matches my own version that I calculated laboriously about 35 years ago. I’ve lived with it ever since!
I check planetary transits etc. now and again against it even these days. I’m glad I’ve had it right all these years! Bit of a blow if I’d had it wrong all this time.
I’ve not seen my chart before quite so spectacularly and certainly never on the internet before.

The various ‘grand trines’, are competing against the Saturn and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant – and, as you can see, Saturn is in Leo, Sun in Capricorn, which is a sort of inverse dignity (!) – with Saturn controlling Capricorn, and Sun controlling Leo! I could go on…

I couldn’t erect such a chart these days. I’ve lost all the skills. But I did have some amazing correlations with my own and others’ charts when I did exercise this art all those years ago.
Will be ever in your debt, des

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1. Weirdmonger left…

Tuesday, 24 August 2010 1:32 pm :: http://weirdmonger.livejournal.com/14072

Weirdmonger Wheel Collider relevant at link immediately above.


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