Retrocausal Bear

Below a photo taken of me in Berlin (October 3, 2010) near the Brandenburg Gate.

See previous blog pasted below it.


Have I got a bear for you

posted Friday, 18 December 2009


The importance is not in the cause of events but in that they happened at all to make a perceptible pattern of connections.

Latest episode of ‘Have I got News For You’ tonight here:
has image as penultimate photo right at the end that is very similiar to the ‘Berne Zoo’ bear incident and cover of’Cern Zoo’.

It is the top image here:






The photograph for the Cern Zoo cover above was taken by me last year in Norway.

Norway spiral last week above Tromsø:


CONE ZERO (prequel of CERN ZOO)

This article about the Norway Spiral Light:

informed me for the first time that the Spiral took place over Tromsø.

Other than continuing to show the synergy with ‘Cern Zoo’, the photograph also makes me think of a hurricane or other storm-system when shown on a weather map.

Tromsø = has ‘storm’ in its name — and a (cone?) zero = ø



Me photographed in Helsinki (14 October 2010):


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3 responses to “Retrocausal Bear

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  2. the bear pictures are priceless. The bear who is now writing this comment especially liked the one with the girl, for obvious reasons.

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