A criticism of Real-Time Reviewing

An interesting discussion participated in by John L Probert and Craig Herbertson (so far) here:
stemming from the recent ‘Black Static’ real-time review.

It has caused me to re-think my explanation of this ‘process’, eg:

<< Stories are chosen to appear where they do in a single book or in a particular order for some reason. Whether editorial intent or some synchronous power beyond that. Who knows?
I try to tap that power and give it back to the book, in the hope this gives a new slant upon the separate power of each story and on their overall effect together.
Some fiction lends itself to this approach more than others, and I try by instinct to choose to review books accordingly.>>
<<My real-time reviews are best enjoyed by the authors themselves, judging from feedback. There is much feedback recorded on my main RTR page.
As I said above, it is also an experience that enhances my own reading of a book simply by quickly reporting to supposed others in the world about the audit trail of my reading as I proceed. Others should try it… And I think it does elicit new slants in a fiction by such a process both for oneself and others. >>

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