News of Ex Occidente

More exciting news from Ex Occidente Press:

 A pity about the postal service.


I’m due to start HERE another of my gradual real-time reviews, turning leitmotifs into a gestalt.

And it is of the novella entitled ‘The Satyr’ by Stephen J. Clark (Ex Occidente Press 2010).

There is no guarantee how long it will take to complete this review, whether days or years.

CAVEAT: Spoilers are not intended but there may be inadvertent ones. You may wish (i) to take that risk and read my review before or during your own reading of the book, or (ii) to wait until you have finished reading it. In either case, I hope it gives a useful or interesting perspective.

All my real-time reviews are linked from here:


AN ASIDE: All my real-time reviews of Ex Occidente Press books are linked from: and I feel that I remain justified, as announced publicly elsewhere, in withdrawing my own collection ‘The Last Balcony’ from this publisher when he announced a time-limit for his Press’s publishing such great works of ‘European Weird Literature in the Ex Occidente style’ (my description). For my own and other readers’ benefit, there will hopefully be at least one more such book published than there would otherwise have been had mine been published as planned within the timescale now given.

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