Some recent thoughts from my RTRs

Stories are chosen to appear where they do in a single book or in a particular order for some reason. Whether by editorial intent or some synchronous power beyond that. Who knows? I try to tap that power and give it back to the book, in the hope this gives a new slant upon the separate power of each story and on their overall effect together.
Some fiction lends itself to this approach more than others, and I try by instinct to choose to review books accordingly.


From RTR of ‘Northwest Passages”

Writing a real-time review is a special reading-journey on the internet – a journey that takes place within a single reading mind, beset by all the foibles of the moment.  The question is: does this affect the journey itself, i.e knowing one is publicly describing that journey as it happens? Also I sense many of you asking why you actually want to read about my eccentric journey with a book.  Eccentric, perhaps. But if we all write in real-time about our journeys with a book, we can all then simultaneously ’triangulate’ the book via  its communally synchronised shards of random truth and fiction, and discover its ineffable noumenon by co-ordination from every compass point of our respective ways and reading-passages, by audit-logic or emotional response or something even more intangible, and not only from the northwest point.


From ‘The Defeat of Grief’ RTR:

” ‘Yes. Being inside his creation is close enough.’ / ‘As we are outside of yours,’ I said pointing to the painting.”

I sense we have come to some sort of ending here. I am extremely impressed. The onset of political unrest between countries, the politics of self, the politics of career – above all, the obsession with finding the Lost Balcony (meaning so much to me personally) or the final room in the (Art Deco?) Hotel or the person who left it incomplete.  Art and nemonymity. Late-labeling and by-lining. It is as if this amazing ‘story’ was specially written for me.  Time and Landscape.  I wonder if every reader will feel this way? Let me know, some time … before it’s too late.


Or Last Balcony?


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  3. later from RTR of ‘Defeat of Grief’:

    Pages 82 – 94

    “…the belated realisation of the unknown architect’s original intentions” strikes me amid the utterly sublime prose that completes this architecture of fiction. I shall leave you to make the final completions, connections. This is quite astonishing literature. Both universally… and personally for me. Perhaps one aspect needs the other, a synergy of the personal and the universal. I hope it works in this way for you, too. This landscape book is a panorama of all our individual destinies, I do suggest.

    “There was no way down from the balcony, and the scraps of paper spiralled around him…”

    I feel that time is something you can’t take for granted.

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