Two disconnected items

Chômu Press have just issued their end of year update:

<<Whatever you are expecting from Chômu, be prepared for some surprises; Chômu Press is not a comfort zone.>>

Nemonymous Night: <<A spiralling towards the event horizon of weirdness.>>


Whistle And I’ll Come To You

The recent ‘adaptation’ by BBC of MR James’s ‘Oh, Whistle, and I’ll Come to You, My Lad’

Very moving, very scary, great television, I felt.

A treatment of marital entropy as well as of some of the story’s original action.

Many have said that it was good in itself but disconnected in many ways from the original story. So, why use its title?

It’s perhaps interesting to speculate whether many viewers would have connected it with the MRJ story at all if it had been entitled, say, “The Hurting“?

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