Books – Cheapness or Collectability? Or both?

Each book I read I treat on its merits – both its physical form and textual content. Never collectability. (See some of my reviews).

Just as a personal example about the type of thing in question here:-

Prime Books in 2003 brought out my trade paperback collection ‘Weirdmonger’ via POD Lightning Source. And subsequently a 50-limited hardback version was published via the same means for Cold Tonnage Books.

Ignoring considerations of the hardback for a moment, the paperback version is genuinely one of the most physically beautiful books it has been my pleasure to handle (trying to be objective here!). And it’s highly durable, too. Others have said this.

Last year – to leave the road clear for ‘The Last Balcony’ definitive DFL collection – the Weirdmonger paperback was voluntarily and irretrievably placed ‘out of print’. The evidence now shows it has become highly collectable since then. The best of both worlds for the reading reader and, eventually, for the reading/investing collector? So I think it is a good example of what can be done.

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