“Cars and books have something in common. A tangibility that *is* what it does. Ebooks are as fleeting as these facebook comments. I’m not a Luddite but a realist.”

NB: I am preserving that comment that I made this morning on someone’s Facebook thread, after someone else said : “Sorry to disagree, Des, but I’ve a feeling that’s the same response the buggy whip manufacturer gave when he first saw a car” to my earlier “The kindles are a flash in the pan – like hula hoops”.



Someone else: “Disagree with you Des! In terms of SFnal futurism ‘ebooks’ (imagine no possessions” – John Lennon) are inevitably the only feasible tech – that we have at present. Especially for any off-world colonies… If ever human species evolves beyond current infancy, and escapes from this mudball cradle.”

Me: “Books In Space? I’ve booked space for them in my dreams of the future. Or are we going to leave our actual bodies behind, too?”


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3 responses to “Ebooks

  1. The ebooks I bought ten years ago are still in pristine condition; the paper books I bought back then are already yellowing.

  2. Hi, Stephen.
    I’d say that’s the beauty of books. Changing like seasoned wood. There will come a time when your old ebooks will corrupt etc. and won’t exist at all let alone as lovely yellowing paper. 🙂

  3. Paul Bradshaw

    Why not embrace both? I certainly have. My Sony Reader is good for taking on coach trips and holidays.

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