Des Draws A Blank on Facebook


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    • Des Lewis Game rules: grab the book closest to you right now. Open to pg. 56. Choose the 5th sentence. Publish as your status and write these rules as a comment. Don’t choose the book you like best or think is the coolest, but the one that is closest.

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    • Des Lewis My page 56 is completely blank. No joke. In The Dark Tower – The Drawing of the Three (NEL – Hodder and Stoughton 2003)

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    • Simon Marshall-Jones Nevertheless wonderfully surreal… =)

      3 minutes ago · · 1 personYou like this.
    • Rhys Hughes I just did as instructed. The result was: “What was your mission?”

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    • Des Lewis Thanks. Those rules I printed above in the first comment were not my rules. I took them from Noose Gibbet’s status.

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  1. I suppose the above is appropriate as NEMONYMOUS published the world’s first BLANk story in 2002. 🙂

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