My Last Balcony Collection

Some people have written to me showing some confusion as to the status of my LAST BALCONY collection.

Yes, it’s looking for a publisher. The contents (quite large) are shown here: / including two new novellas, that were written on public blogs, but now removed.
The stories listed are currently on the Weirdmonger Wheel but can be removed from it if the book goes ahead and some were previously published in print.
SD Tullis and Slawek Wielhorski originally helped me choose some of the above contents list.
It was originally accepted by Ex Occidente Press more than a year ago but I withdrew it from them in September 2010 because they had then put a finite time on their publishing company’s life and there had already been some missed deadlines about the timing of LAST BALCONY…and I thought their ethos had changed and I wanted them to have more scope in publishing their style of books (which I thought Last Balcony now didn’t fit).
I see LB as my definitive collection. ‘Weirdmonger’ (Prime Books 2003) – that doesn’t duplicate anything in LB – is now irretrievably out of print.
I shall treat offers of publication, if any, on their merits.
Thanks for your interest.

PS: I am still enjoying Ex Occidente Press books and my RTRs of them are linked from here; ews/

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