Binding Power

 Many don’t find writing fiction a particularly mystical or magical experience but more a job of work…

But the TV series LOST, for example, and King’s huge DARK TOWER series of novels, I sense, are not pre-planned but continually absorb a certain amount of binding ‘power’ from who knows what forces out there.


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8 responses to “Binding Power

  1. And I found a lot of stuff ostensibly unintended by the authors when real-time reviiewing their work, or things they often *say* were unintended. I think writing may be mystical whether the author recognises it or not?

  2. It is, for me, important not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Hard work, yes, when coupled with the magical experience of writing fiction is possibly the optimum…? Rather than wholly denying the magical side….


    Also some readers may feel short-changed (at least subconsciously) if they are deliberately told that any author’s work was written with no magical or mystical or transcendent elements at work but was built as a workmanlike cabinet instead.

  3. I think Gary McMahon’s blog (linked above) perhaps robs the author of mystique. A mystique that helps with enjoyment or suspension of disbelief. It may be a real mystique, it may not be. But I feel that a fiction author should at least try to believe in his or her own mystique not cabinetise it. It’s hard work, too.

  4. Magic in the writing process and magic (often a different magic) in the reading process are not mutually exclusive. I don’t disagree with the cabinet motif – it’s just that it could appear to destroy the mystique of the author or the mystique of the fiction in some readers’s eyes by association with workmanlike utility objects. I know that was not Gary’s intention…


    Gary linked putting up a shelf wth making the cabinet with screws on his blog. My image was of a MFI flatpack. Also Gary categorically said on his blog article: “Writing isn’t a transcendental, mystical experience” when it can be exactly that based on anecdotal evidence over the centuries. Nobody’s denying that it can also be hard work.

  5. I felt Gary’s blog did need challenging as it appeared categorically to rob all authors (not only himself) of this potential valuable mystique or magical power (in the blog’s first sentence). And in its ‘shattering the myth’ cri de guerre. (Meanwhile, hard work as a writer is not even a debate. That’s a truism, I feel, i.e. that it is most definitely hard work.)

  6. I am not religious. But to say something has ‘magic’ takes into account all the indefinable things humans don’t understand. For me, ‘Talent’ embodies or emminds all those things, things you can see and measure, and things you can’t see or measure.

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