Today’s Excerpt from my review of Wizard and Glass

Today’s Excerpt from my real-time review of ‘Wizard and Glass’ by Stephen King HERE.

IX. Citgo

“…a kind of open-air haunted house.”

Almost gratuitously meeting at Citgo, with some hint of  the area’s “contamination“, Roland and Susan are spooning together and just teetering upon their mutual exquisite deflowering of her purity thus potentially depriving the town mayor of the virginity he’s already ‘paid for’ (while gloatingly spied upon through her pink globe by hag Rhea). Citgo was previously referenced above as an area of oil-derricks, nineteen of which can be counted as still working autonomously (without human intervention) – and as one travels through it with the spooning couple one is reminded of the Fukushima of today: the numbered reactors (subject to Roland’s counting?), their insidious steaming and heath-robinson machines and ominous mystery of cooling devices and ill-refined gloop (my words, not the book’s) and so forth (please (re)read this chapter and see what I mean), with implications of WMDs and surreptitious Gaddafery by who knows whom… (21 Mar 11)

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