Latest DFL News as writer, publisher & reviewer

My review of The Life of Polycrates & Other Stories for Antiquated Children by Brendan Connell is now finished:

My reviewing of THE DARK TOWER series by Stephen King continues apace. This seems to be a major work of Fantasy in English, but it is hardly ever mentioned.  And if you enjoyed LOST, for example, I am sure you will enjoy this. And DR WHO.  Though it is essentially unique.

I am receiving some great stories for the Ha of Ha. It may well turn out *literally* to be the Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies as well as being stories *about* Horror anthologies. Wink

And I’m getting excited as my first independently published novel (ie from Chomu Press) is due to come out in June: Nemonymous Night. . 380 pages!

My novella WEIRDTONGUE (InkerMen Press) has still had only one review. 😦

And I am still seeking a replacement publisher for my definitive collection: THE LAST BALCONY before I reach my Last Balcony!

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