Weirdtongue Palaver

I am using the word ‘palaver’ here with the same meaning as Stephen King does in the massive Dark Tower series of novels.

I am very grateful to all three formal on-line reviews of ‘Weirdtongue’ (InkerMen Press) that have appeared so far, i.e. by Colin Leslie, Matthew Fryer and John Greenwood.

I value and dwell upon all opinions.  There are three points I felt I should make, but these are only tentative, as many of you know that I am not a great fan of Authorial Intentions outside the text itself and, indeed, I have been a student of ‘The Intentional Fallacy’ since the Sixties.

Weirdtongue is, inter alia, a treatment of Proustian selves as demonstrated by Marcel in ‘In Search of Lost Time’ (a massive series of novels that I first read in the 1970s and again in the 2000s).

Weirdtongue has only one accidental typo but, otherwise, no bad grammar or lack of editing. As a separate matter, there is of course prose ‘style’ that may or may not suit a particular reader.

A writer’s apparently overt statements within a fiction may indeed be from the head-lease author, but they could also be from a fictional writer along the theme of ‘selves’ above or a collusive / non-collusive narrator (cf: Stephen King’s methods) and/or a symptom of narrative hierarchies or textures.

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  1. According to the Paschal Cycle today is Easter Weekend and Roland of Gilead’s final approach to his Dark Tower that I read yesterday on St George’s Day – and the Crimson King on his last balcony there was described as a dragon in human form!


  2. Marcel, by the way, is the Narrator of ISOLT as well as the Christian name of the book’s author. And Stephen King appears in seemingly objective person and by name, with his sons Joe and Owen, and his wife Tabby in two of the ‘Dark Tower’ books.

  3. Any further ‘palaver’ or comments regarding above should be on this parallel thread:
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  4. Ten years later … another informative link to replace the apparently lost one above! (#slefacana)