Difficult Fiction

Possibly — these days (when everyone has read everything) — only oblique or difficult fiction can impart new truths from story-telling.


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2 responses to “Difficult Fiction

  1. Someone has said this elsewhere: ‘difficult’ is of course a relative term. Kafka is lucid, but difficult. Joyce is difficult, but intellectually quite straightforward.

    Discuss. 🙂

  2. I think it is indeed difficult to be either linear or complex in any form of effective story-telling. But the real difficulty, perhaps, is increasingly (with so much stuff about) the attempt to achieve the difficult goal of telling any story that’s not been told before (whether linear or complex). And as is hinted at above, both simple and difficult can be simple or difficult. 🙂

    PS: new truths? Just my shorthand for stories that have not been told before. Stories that give a particular reader an eureka moment that he or she may find so rarely in popular fiction.

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