Clacton Pavilion (retrocausal)



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  1. Awaiting Rapture


    Post Rapture:

  2. Photobucket
    Clacton Pier before Dong’s Gunfleet Sands Wind Farm

  3. Photobucket
    The Megazanthus Mono at Clacton Pavilion

  4. Photobucket

    A photo of the Clacton Pavilion entrance at a different stage – i.e. from someone else on flickr:

  5. Strange machines being installed? (16 June 2011)

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  8. The photographs below were taken today (5 July 2012) and I think the signs must have been put up in the last day or so:

    A ‘pavilion bowl’ sounds like a holy grail from the Crusades.


  9. I walked into Clacton Pavilion Bowl for the first time today – and it was very impressive, airy and modern, with scintillating amusements, a quality bar and professional-looking bowling lanes. A far cry from the cover of the book ‘Weirdtongue’!

  10. My wife and I had coffee this morning in the restaurant/cocktail bar of Clacton Pavilion Bowl .Very plush. Very nice, with good sea views.

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    Worth posting again, and please see photos in comments stream…

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