Reading submissions to ‘The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ (as I am), it has occurred to me that this is not only going to be a proper book in itself but each story will be about real books (tangible Horror Anthologies) – i.e not ebooks. How much longer will fiction be able to feature real books? Is the Ha of Ha due to be the last laugh at real books or ebooks?

Someone has just told me that non-ebooks are now called treebooks. The Ha and Ha is a treebook about treebooks.

Further to that – and thinking about it – I was ahead of ebooks in 2004 with my Weirdmonger Wheel (now being dismantled). I don’t see myself as a trendsetter or trendbreaker, more as a trendbaffler.

NB: Baffle n. a flow-directing vane or panel in some vessels such as shell and tube heat exchangers, chemical reactors …

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