My first and only published novel

I have just re-read Nemonymous Night (Chômu Press, June 2011) in its full beautiful regalia as a book. And I wonder if it is a metaphorical suicide-bomb now planted on my bookshelf, knowing how close I am to my bookshelf…

More thoughtfully perhaps, having indeed just re-read this my only published novel, I deem it the worthy culmination of a lifetime tussling with fiction. I shall continue to deem it thus, I feel, even if the critical reaction to it is negative, but I certainly trust that most of its readers will gain value from the adventurous Jules Verne-ian plot together with its apocalyptic and acquired accoutrements.

Nemonymous Night, the Last Balcony story collection and the Weirdtongue novella are the only works of mine I would like to remain in existence after I’ve gone into my own nemonymous night. But, obviously, I have no say in what is kept and what is not.  And the earth may vanish before I do.

Please forgive any sign of pretentiousness that may be discovered in this statement.  And sincere thanks to the publisher of Nemonymous Night.


The two quotes inside the book – the words from an Elizabeth Bowen story were discovered after completion and acceptance of the novel – and the ‘Carcosa’ words from Karl Edward Wagner were published in the mid-1990s, and the novel mentions a ‘lethal chamber’ and an anchovy!


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2 responses to “My first and only published novel

  1. Someone has just kindly taken it upon himself to do a “real-time review” of ‘Nemonymous Night’. Not sure yet whether it will be a good or bad one.

  2. During a positive review on, it is interestingly said:
    “…the novel almost feels like it was written straight from front to back to with minimal planning and/or revision, uncertain itself as to how, or whether, things will come out, and a remark in the text suggests that it is just how it was produced.”
    Just to bear out what I said above, I confirm that this novel was honed and revised gradually over a period of five years! That was both the deed and the intention. But that takes no account of the Synchronised Shards of Random Truth and Fiction or, for that matter, the seasoned theory known as ‘The Intentional Fallacy’. 🙂

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