Weird Weird Literature

Over the years – for those who have been exploring my vituperative ramblings on-line (still in situ) – I have given the impression, at least to myself, of falling between various stools.  Stools that would have supported me – or provided me seemly relief from a sense of scatological unworth.

Even as Weirdmonger, I was so far between stools, I’m not in  the 800 pages of the book here or in the previous ‘New Weird’.  Can’t complain, though.

Now Chômu Press has for me become an evolving Venner for these radiations of fiction force.

Please also see here for my most recent yet effectively pre-Chômu ramblings on this field-theory of weird-palimpsest.


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7 responses to “Weird Weird Literature

  1. My real-time reviews (including of many Chomu books):

  2. Authors, Publishers, Reviewers should be taken in the round not in some choice of specific snapshots of what they said or did. This is more important today with real-time action and re-action in various changing and interactive venues / moods of the internet.

  3. “Be warned, he said, for when you speak the language of dreams others will distrust and shun you.” – Stephen J Clark (The Bestiary of Communion – Passport Levant 2011)

  4. “The slim volume offers a journey like no other in weird fiction or outside of it. It is a destroyer of boundaries in every sense, chiseling away the confines of time, space, identity, and conventional literature.”

    “In the end, no one can say with any conviction. D.F. Lewis captures the same uncertainty principle wielded by weird fiction masters like Robert Aickman, and uncanny media personalities such as Rod Serling. Yet, it isn’t really fair to liken his work to either gentleman, since Lewis arguably outdoes both in stacking weird layer upon layer, forcing a freakish Tower of Babel into existence for any who care to probe its mysteries.”

    The above are EXTRACTS from the Grim Blogger review just been issued here:

    By the way, have you yet picked up a copy of THE HORROR ANTHOLOGY OF HORROR ANTHOLOGIES??

  5. THE WEIRD: This appears to be one huge, amazing book:

    All Weird Weirders should at least know about it, I guess.

    Table of Contents: The Weird, edited by Ann and Jeff VanderMeer

    Congratulations to Mark Samuels (an old friend of mine) for being in the ToC. It seems to be the event of a life time to be in this book!

    And to all the others I should mention!

    I am also pleased that the Steve Duffy story (Lion’s Den) was first published in Nemonymous 9 (Cern Zoo) in 2009.

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