Extra Prize

As an extra-mural incentive to the winner of the Chomu Press prize draw ( http://chomupress.com/news/are-you-nemonymous/ ) for Nemonymous Night, I shall also personally donate a complete set of the nine Nemonymous anthology books (2001-2010), signed by myself.

“You may know the drill by now,…”

PS: The http://www.nemonymous.com link leads now to “Hoist Aloft Upon Fiction-Rapture”, my own unofficial site for ‘Nemonymous Night’.

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One response to “Extra Prize

  1. If you mean NULL IMMORTALIS the last Nemonymous in your second line above then submissions to it are still being read by me up to 30 April. Please treat this thread as another of my experiments like Nemonymous and Real-Time Reviewing etc. an experiment which may work or may not work. Ill go back to my real-time reviewing now and reading Nemonymous submissions.

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