Deceit and Self-Deception

I am wondering how the following will have some bearing on my published novel ‘Nemonymous Night’ and my published novella ‘Weirdtongue‘.  And my comments on Big Brother 2011.

24.9.11: A new book soon to be published:,,9780713998269,00.html
Deceit and Self-Deception
Fooling Yourself the Better to Fool Others
» Robert Trivers – Allen Lane Hardback : 06 Oct 2011
Concerns also the (mis-?) ‘confidence’ implicit in world economy and politics. The underpinning that the world’s self-deception provides for human being-racism – as a good or bad force?
Individual people necessarily in denial …
And, for me, the Internet itself (and its inhabitants) as the central force that now underpins all these machinations of self, Proustian selves, and survival / natural selection. – again for good or ill?
Books themselves now surviving as non-tree hypertext…but killing the centuries-old treebook version in the process.

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  1. I now have a copy of the above book. Below is from the its Preface:
    The time is ripe for a general theory of deceit and self-deception based on evolutionary logic, a theory that in principle applies to all species but with special force to our own. We are thoroughgoing liars, even to ourselves. Our most prized possession – language – not only strengthens our ability to lie but greatly extends its range. We can lie about events distant in space and time, the details and meaning of the behaviour of others, our innermost thoughts and desires and so on. But why, why self-deception? Why do we possess marvelous sense organs to detect information only to distort it after arrival?
    […] It is a dark and opaque side to ourselves, one that we leave untreated at our own peril, but it is also a source of endless humour and amazement, so that we can also enjoy the subject as we suffer it.

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