Black Static #25 – DF Lewis Article

JUST IN: Black Static #25 – TTA Press: Since the early nineties, an acclaimed and award-winning publisher:

Item image: Black Static 25 Cover

Six pages by Peter Tennant in hard copy containing an interview with me / reviews of three recent DFL books (links below are to my own websites for these books and quotes are taken from each review):

The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies

“Lewis has put together an anthology that celebrates our affection for horror fiction, at moments feeling almost nostalgic, but one which at the same time unerringly brings home to the reader that real horror is not to be found between the covers of a book.”


“There is elaborate word play, with ‘Glistenberry’ used for Glastonbury, and given a deliciously sinister resonance, and a band suggestively named Goldwrap, and further language contortions, substitutions and mergers that delight with their invention.”

Nemonymous Night

“The only thing I can say with any certainty is that I liked the book very much and, whatever his apparel or lack thereof, the Emperor is looking especially buff today.”


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