2011 Big Brother (6)

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Marion wrote:
So whither now? We are left with three couples whose only option is to compete in the love stakes to get attention.

I have the same despair.
Perhaps they ought to bring the Zombies back!
[Zombosium at Winchester University]


OMG, Jay wiped his bare bum on Louise’s pillow. Breaks wind and burps to order.
But worse than that, Louise gets off on him doing it.
Alex has stolen money from a blind woman.
Women sobbing over a game show contestant losing.
And they fix up a load of money on the wall to make them drool.
Is this a social document or a horror show with real mindless zombies who’ve been mis-taught how to act as human beings?

I’m going to re-read about Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Noble Savage, to get the faecal taste of Jay & Co. out of my mouth.


Marion wrote:
I shudder to think what’s coming next. And am increasingly angry that Channel 5 are insulting us by keeping jay and his moll in the house.

I think BB is sh*t-scared of Jay, seriously so. They tried to hide the Freezer event – and if the other HMs weren’t scared of him, too, they’d have made more of it in the gameplan (and Aaron could only squeeze out an aside about it in the DR). OR SO WE ARE SHOWN.

Yesterday, BB didn’t ask Jay to fetch the soiled pillowcases, but Aaron!

I still don’t understand why Mark Henderson ‘walked’. It didn’t seem to make sense.

(And a little bit on the side takes on a new meaning, perhaps.)

(I noted a showing of the Film ‘A Fistful of Dollars’ (1964) last night on Ch 5 just before BB with the Eighties’ ‘loadsa munny’ on the wall.)


Marion wrote:
Aaron did not like the choice and so went to bed without his tea and sulked. I wondered what he was up to (he’s always up to something) and was delighted by what he had planned. He lay still, and then slowly twitched to the music , overcome by the rhythm and blues in spite of himself, and then rose and went to the loo where he danced alone and ecstatic. Silently he returned to bed and when Tom cane to see him, pretended he had been there all evening.* He has a weird genius.
* des, do you remember the name of the HM in an early series who danced behind a door?

*Alex Sibley.
What a brilliant comparison, Marion. Just shows you how ‘orchestrated’ Aaron is. The complete winner package. Or so he thinks.

Jay is another sort of package. Slowly absorbing Louise like a slug-like parasite in decorated human form. A foul miasma.
Indeed soon there may be some form of parthenogenetic birth from the admixture of the silage produced.


Well, for various reason, that was the most interesting and dramatic and complicated nomination process there has ever been on BB since it started in 1999. This is Aaron’s doing yet has probably lost him eventually winning the game. He was the first to propose the process of nominating the next two seated along, I thought, then changed his mind (after they were shuffled) to become suddenly ‘principled’ – unless he made a mistake then tried to think of reaons to ‘explain’ his mistake. Faye is devastated for real (no mock acting as has been her wont before). And so-called ‘thick’ Louise was very clever at short notice…. All enhanced by Halloween costumes – and Louise played another masterstroke in the DR after the nomination votes, with her disarming mock-naivety.


Marion wrote:
The result was that Louise was up for eviction and had a casting vote. She then voted for Faye – except she didn’t. In Bit On The Side she was shown clearly voting for Tom but BB disallowed it as it was part of the earlier plan – THEN she voted for Faye.
Louise donned the martyr’s crown and declared that she had sacrificed herself for Alex’s sake because Alex ‘s birthday is coming up and she didn’t want her up for eviction. And she quite clearly stated that she didn’t nom Tom because Alex would want her with him on her birthday…only she did nominate Tom.

Well, what can you believe in the rough and tumble of life itself. People act deviously all the time. In real life, aided and abetted by the internet. Here we have a God who acts deviously, too – i.e the Big Brother rushes.


Marion wrote:
He managed to get a few digs in about fellow HMs, but the most interesting comment was about Alex – there’s something about her that he couldn’t quite put his finger on. She reminds him of his son.
I know what he means. Those shoulders. Those big hands. I hope I’m not miscalling here, but suddenly Nadia popped into my head.

I think Aaron was referring to the child-likeness (even childishness) of Alex rather than her ‘boyishness’. I don’t get the Nadia vibes myself.

Aaron wanted to keep Alex in the House as a rationale for his nomination-behaviour because she is a delight to live with, then says later that he has nothing in common with her.

I think the three couples in the House now are playing child-like ‘fantasy cricket’ relationships with each other. None of them are genuine.
Meanwhile, Jay shows potential depths with his knowledge of the universe – and his practice of naive Henri Rousseau / LS Lowry type art (will that painting fetch millions of Euros when the Eurozone debt crisis is over in 2045?)

Trio trumping in the Louise household is something I refuse to audialise.

Meanwhile which HM do you think I feel is trying to become frozen into Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ pose?


The only thing worth mentioning about tonight’s programme was the mention of the Hadron Collider during the short-lived Universe Debate in the Sauna.  BB House as Cern Zoo.


Alex’s cake-baking was a play for the Tiswas crowd. Or a deep Jungian King-Alfred-ian act depicting the way our world is going outside the House (presumably unknown to the HMs).


Marion wrote:
Tom scorned the girls of the house who would soon be posing for topless magazines (apart from Alex). He even said he wouldn’t consider revealing his anatomy for a mag. But he needn’t worry – I don’t think there’s much of a market for a naked Bilbo Baggins.

The white clothes in the OCD task and the conscious and/or sub-conscious self-deception of HMs (i’m still reading that academic book on self-deception) – all generate thoughts of where BB comes from – George Orwell. And the Internet (as well as BB hindsight editing) allows for words to be changed later. I’ve just changed one above but unless you were here at the time you won’t know what it is (or will you?). I wonder if they airbrushed a HM whom we’ve never seen. His or her OCD suit so pure and spotless it’s almost like being a ghost?

I, too, hope Louise goes tonight. There’s something far more real about Faye’s facial expressions that transcend her actions.


I can imagine a modern post-Beckettian play on the stage where the characters walk around drinking from children’s potties. A most disturbing sight!
But Tom and Jay seemed agreeable to perform their parts with loo-ease.

I, too, think the promised prize money should have stayed sacrosanct. Meanwhile, it’s gone from the wall temporarily to underpin a failing bank somewhere in Europe.

I agree with everything else you say above, Marion, by the way.

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