My Love Affair with Marble Racing


Am I embarrassed to report that I spent 90% of my childhood and adolescent leisure-time in the 1950s and early 1960s racing coloured marbles down a slope. Lining them up, for example, behind a crib board on a supported boardgame board, then lifting up the crib board ,,, letting them GO!… and see which rolled furthest on the carpet.

Knock-out competitions.


Endless hour after endless hour. I even named the marbles – split dark blue, thin red, big light blue, spot yellow… … …

I had a ‘Palace Corbie’ published story in 1996 about it…


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3 responses to “My Love Affair with Marble Racing


    And when do you think you lost your marbles, Mr Lewis . . . ?

    Indeed, an interesting question, Gary, if one you intended as playfully insulting.
    By hook or by crook I couldn’t seem to keep the original set of my marbles in my possession. Gradually they vanished, what with my own kids playing with them, and other factors or storage and house-moving etc.
    It’s commnonly known as Marble Entropy. A special form of entropy that differs from that of one’s mind or body: The marbles themselves, at worst, only chip but otherwise stay integral, but the whereabouts of that Marble integrity increasingly becomes a mystery.

  2. My lifetime’s cloud racing is mentioned here in the review of SANGRIA IN THE SANGRAAL by Rhys Hughes:

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