2011 Big Brother (7)

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Marion wrote:
Louise claimed she didn’t care about the money at all (although she was quick to work out the problems);

She also asked whether it was subject to tax. Perhaps she’s studying to be an accountant, on the quiet.

Alex seems a real case – and not as empty as the one on the wall. Her Mr Bean act is either contrived or natural? Probably a bit of both. Self-deception often leads to optimising one’s faults as well as one’s assets. Her mudpack looked like a living corpse-mask of a young man. But I still sense her essential femininity that shone through. Tom’s mudpack was hobbit turned gollum.

Lovey-doveiness and money-muddiness seem likely to pervade the house for the dying days of this season.


I’m buzzin’, me.
Can’t wait to leave the House and see the Jeremy Kyle show.

Is the money ‘twist’ as damp a squib as it seems? Sharing the tax-free prize money after the event – tax implications??


Marion wrote:
I do feel that BB has set out to demean the Hms this year. Not nice, is it?

Indeed. And one can imagine the newspapers hacking into Alex’s phone after the show finishes to see if she keeps her agreement and pays any gift tax.

But BB has never been ‘nice’, as such. They only give them alcohol so that they can demean themselves. Remember Kinga.


In many ways, Aaron seems true to himself, sour when he feels sour, upbeat when upbeat. Jay also tells us (from this ‘unreal’ world on TV) about his real self in the ‘real’ world – ie he would throw a table through the window if riled elsewhere.
In opposite ways, Aaron and Jay are true to themselves. The latter with less self-deception?
The others definitely not ‘real’ at all.
So who to win?
Probably Alex, as the least objectionable. N-Dubz or not.

Money always produces twisted outcomes – watch Greece, Italy…


Marion wrote:
Jay is intent on deceiving US – as if anyone would believe his tough guy image or his good urges. He is entirely selfish but believes the grandiose gesture will conceal this. […] He’s all muscle show and rumbling talk – no doubt he impressed the lady boys of Thailand.

Or perhaps — from within Jay’s blurred, hedonisitic, tough-guy Newcastle-cruising image of a mind — freezer-baiting, table-through-the-window-tantrum-throwing, Thailand ladyboys, using a pillow as a bidet etc. are all ‘admissions’ likely to stop him winning – unless he has a compeletly warped idea of the type of audience voting. If Aaron has such barely admissible faults – he sure ain’t admitting them on TV. In fact we know very little of Aaron. He’d make a good spy. A dark horse.

(10.15): Did I hear Jay just utter a neologism for his view of Aaron’s 10-year empirical Big Brother machiavellianism? PHENOMINATIONS. [A machiavellianism, apparently, including Aaron’s playing a role in his audition or simply telling lies in it, as he now admits publicly.]

Later – That was a fascinating episode – of dramatic tension – and a Rodin’s Thinker in tears. A sad giant. A sign of emotion that takes the edge off Jay – who knows. The alchemy of anger into tears.


Marion wrote:
And Aaron sailed serenely on.

Indeed, he is a long-term Big Brother student, above average audition-rigger and, now, professional Machiavellian. A very clever man. He’ll probably win.


The bent, goatish giant before him seemed like the spawn of another planet or dimension; like something only partly of mankind, and linked to black gulfs of essence and entity that stretch like titan phantasms beyond all spheres of force and matter, space and time.”
Jay McKray of Big Brother or Wilbur Whateley of ‘The Dunwich Horror’ by H. P. Lovecraft?

At times this BB season has been the worst, and at times, like tonight, it has been the best. The sometimes clumsy, sometimes smooth chemistry between Jay and Aaron – and between Tom and Alex – and between them all, as a background catalysm – was better than any drama with excellent acting. The only weak link is Louise.

And Tom’s breakdown tonight – to harvest something that he felt Jay had harvested with his own alchemy of tears a day or so ago?

Marion, Jay is far from amenable to civilised tastes like ours, but it would have been a lesser show without his instinctive unjoined-up ‘charms’. I am still mystified by freezer-gate, though.


Marion wrote:
Will we ever know how other HMs might have flowered had they not been somewhat cowed by his presence and foulness?

I take your point. But we shall never know. I think I’m saying it would have been too bland without him and there would have been nobody against whom Aaron could prove his mettle.  Every story needs a villain.
Yes, it is impossible, surely, that Jay could win. But I have been surprised before.


Although I’ve never really liked Tom, his eviction tonight was a surprise.
I sense that if Jay is not to win (with all his reputed Facebook and Twitter fans), then I think everyone needs to vote hard for Alex.

Marion wrote:
Did you think Alex’s tears were fake when Tom left?

I thought them genuine with the glimpse we had. I actually thought Jay’s tears (of bottled up frustration) were also genuine the other day, but not Tom’s tears yesterday. They were fake.
I genuinely think to stop Jay winning, tactical votes should go to Alex not to Aaron. I’ve never really liked Aaron, although I agree he is the only HM you can take somewhere respectable.


9.30 Predictably the weakest link Louise leaves first – to the Scissor Sisters -Filthy Gorgeous.

9.45 – I was wrong (and disappointed). Alex out next – to Barbie Doll. Aaron or Jay to win. I have grave doubts about all this…

[Did Louise say in her interview that Jay recently showed her his sh*t on his bogroll and she fancied him even more as a result?]

10.15 I’m very relieved Jay didn’t win – especially as yesterday I advised Marion to give tactical votes to Alex!

Well, Aaron, the professional Big Brotherer wins. Waiting for his interview…

Thanks for the company once again, Marion. And your truly wonderful reports on each episode. Smile
Crikey! Boos for the winner. A strange and unsatisfactory climax for the first (and last?) Ch 5 BB!

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