I managed to see ‘Prince November’ for real

Weird: A Compendium of Dark and Strange Stories


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3 responses to “I managed to see ‘Prince November’ for real

  1. …the Weird’ synergistically embracing Literature not the other previous patronising way of Literature embracing the Weird in self-conscious unspoken chuckles behind its hand. This story emblemises — hopefuly without me over-generalising – the construction of the Weird’s parthenogeneticity by the book itself (aided and abetted by its hard-worker Reva-Menders), a construction, indeed, of the Weird’s definition of itself, a definition simply aching, yearning to crystallise by means of the physical shape and meaning of the book you hold in your hand. So, yes, a parthenogeneticity of the ‘disease colony’(?) – a penal servitude threatening love and life and economics and legacy and aspiration, a threat that this book, however, by its very facing out such a phenomenon head on, is beginning to obviate by its srednidipitous revanche and revariation, i.e. obviate it not only (semi-)scientifically but also (semi-)spiritually, literarily, pulp-fictionally, eschatalogically, even scatologically! — and one can extend ’literarily’ / ‘pulp-fictionally’ to contain not only the absurd, the surreal, the poetic, the Toynbeean-historical, the retrocausality of time, the tropes of SF, high fantasy, horror and the supernatural (in all its meanings) but also the zoo-collectable and the amputated and the socially bereft and our own perceived natural or imagination-altered bodily processes crude and/or beautiful… And, by the way, in this story there are more ”zoologists” and, yes, “pet spiders”!!!

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