Jeff VanderMeer on my Weird Review

I am really pleased with Jeff VanderMeer’s reaction in his blog to my real-time review of The WEIRD! It was an alephantine pleasure and a hard-won fulfilment for me to harvest such thoughts and srednidipities from this titanic editorial work by both Reva-Menders. It is my own landmark read in the Autumn of my years, if not in my whole lifetime. I saw Prince November – and I was happy.
Not wishing to be melodramatic or pretentious, but the thoughts I am trying to express above are of that order.

Extract from Jeff’s blog: So I would argue that we need more *reviews* that are both in-depth and sympathetic. That display evidence that the reviewer has allowed the text to be not just at the center of their attention, but to have all of their attention.

LINK to its whole:

Link to the index for my real-time review by clicking on the book’s cover:-

Weird: A Compendium of Dark and Strange Stories

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  1. Quote I’ve just exhumed from my original real-time review of the Utley story:

    “The dead come back to bite you, and still corrupt one’s blood… The story seems to fit some rogue gestalt of this book that will never be exhumed because many speed-readers or skimming reviewers of this imposing tome will fail to by-pass the headstones or by-lines or false auras over the stories that inadvertently stop most readers digging beneath their surface-meanings to find unwelcome as well as welcome dreams. I only hope this real-time review manages to encourage the wildest possible excavations to unearth the apocryphans as well as the testamentary truths that this book still holds within itself – a book that (even if unintentionally so) remains impervious even to the likes of me and my brainstorming shovels, as well as to the Reva-Menders themselves.”

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