Extract from my review of ‘The Secret Life of the Panda’

Today, I experienced an incredible coincidence regarding the book’s title in my latest real-time review , i.e a review of a book by Nick Jackson (published by Chomu Press). I can’t tell you about the coincidence until after Christmas, as will become clear. 

Meanwhile, a solely personal extraction of a buddleia-root (similar to that I struggled with a few years ago):

“As a reviewer’s self-indulgence, I drop two links here and here to just two of my own stories (retrocausally inspired?) from the 1990s. They are not in the same class as the stories in this book, of course, but honestly proffered nevertheless within this real-time review. A real-time review not only of a book, but of a singular self duly affected by that book. A reading-journey in a book probably transfigured – as I have pointed out on more than one previous occasion – by the fact that I know I am publicly reporting the journey while still upon that journey. (For any interested, most of my early published stories are linked from the Weirdmonger Wheel although the first linked story above is not included on the Wheel as it was subsequently published in the collection ‘Weirdmonger’ (Prime 2003).)”

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  1. Regarding above coincidence, my wife – all the time I was reviewing this book – was making a soft-toy Panda for someone’s surprise Christmas present. She showed it to me while I was in the middle of reviewing the book, I recall. She had been unaware that I had received this book in the post.

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