Underlooked Weird Fiction of the Year

Overlooked fiction – some fiction is even understandably overlooked by those collecting the titles of the overlooked Weird books of the year 2011. But some fiction is underlooked…

The Peacock Escritoire – by Mark Valentine

Allurements of Cabochon – by John Gale

Amerika – by Karim Ghahwagi

A Pallid Wave on Shores of Night – by Adam S. Cantwell

The Mauve Embellishments – by Charles Schneider

The Bestiary of Communion – by Stephen J Clark 

The Exorcist’s Travelogue’ – by George Berguño

Alcyone – Colin Insole

Link Arms With Toads! – Rhys Hughes

The Secret Life of the Panda – Nick Jackson

Even The WEIRD: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stories  that is also first published in 2011.

 Plus others I’ve underlooked myself!  And books that don’t fit the genre being overlooked.
Des, Author of ‘Nemonymous Night’ (2011) and editor of ‘The Horror Anthology of Horror Anthologies’ (2011) – both retrocausally interlooked or disturbed by ‘floaters’!


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4 responses to “Underlooked Weird Fiction of the Year

  1. Oh, I forgot, a few symphonies of fiction from BLACK STATIC during 2011.

  2. ALSO, possibly: Tarshishim by Ron Weighell – that I’ve purchased as a limited boxed set – but I’m not opening it until Christmas Day, because it’s a present to me from one of my family. 🙂

  3. And of course there is this massively important anthology published in 2011: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/the-master-in-cafe-morphine/
    ‘The Master in Café Morphine’ – A Homage to Mikhail Bulgakov

  4. I’ve now reviewed the Weighell Box mentioned above:
    A 2011 classic!

    And the VanderMeers ‘The WEIRD’ is listed above as it it was only JUST published in 2011 and when I wrote the list originally it was underlooked. Now in 2012 it is MASSIVE.

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