The “TARSHISHIM” Box – Ron Weighell


Fragments. 1

Pertinent to this are persistent tales that the poet had access to something that facilitated communication with Angels and Demons, and that it was not opium.”

Fascinating essay on Coleridge – propounding theories about Kublai Khan and The Ancient Mariner in the light of ‘The Tears of The Gods’. Part of me is regretful that it did not read this Fragment before reading the book, another part of me is glad. (2 Jan 12 – an hour later)


“In the centre of one room was a pyramid, almost to the ceiling, of broken glass, crockery and mirrors.”

An intriguing story in two parts – the latter explaining the former by not explaining it, or not explaining it by explaining it. A cuppish woman of well-travelled tall-tales and, earlier, we were enabled to explore a wayside Palace or Villa with precariously tall ‘contraptions’ of glass (see that prism artwork I mentioned earlier).  A “grotesquery” of Dunsany and Swinburne, I guess, but much else, I cannot guess. For me, and perhaps me alone, shades of Richard Hakluyt. (2 Jan 12 – another 90 minutes later)

Fragments. 1975 (Notes for ‘The Secret Place’ – a story published in The White Road)

“…the statue was a perpetuation of existence…”

A tantalising treatment of Akhnaten (whom I only know from the opera by Philip Glass), and, inter alia, deformities, androgyny, chakras – and ‘trepanning’ that brings me back to the bursting greatness (in total seriousness and without exaggeration) of wisdom and learning in this relentlessly accreting Box that surely needs a ‘relief’ valve (even with – in less seriousness Whovian or otherwise – its Tarshidis qualities)… (2 Jan 12 – another 45 minutes later)

Notes for Novel of Thelemic Magick, The Tablet of Destiny. 1974

“The cusp between the Aeons is traditionally a time of unrest and anxiety,…”

This way-station, way-hell of a Box coming into my life is an effect if not the cause of one such cusp. Although I have long had a “belief in cosmic cycles“, it is by Jungian Synchronicity rather than by airy-fairy cause-and-effect.  I used to cast horoscopes in 1974 with correlative progressions and transits. But not now.  Although I sneak a look at my own planetary transits infrequently. Perhaps today. (2 Jan 12 – another 30 minutes later)

Fragments from the novel “Book of Thoth” [1980s]

Box within box within box within… (2 Jan 12 – another 15 minutes later)

The Box of Bronze

“Rumour said that even his treasured copy of the Iliad, annotated by his old teacher Aristotle was from that day no longer his greatest source of delight.”

Alexander who founded Alexandria without seeing it finished – becomes, in this tale, a sort of Captain Nemo in a glass submarine – with machinations concerning Deep Ones or such like – and boxes – one of Bronze, but, more significantly for me (as regular readers of this real-time review might understand) “a coral encrusted box”. (2 Jan 12 – another 30 minutes later)



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