Dust Enforcer – Reza Negarestani

I owe it to this landmark book – the VanderMeers’ massive The WEIRD – to read every word in it. In my original real-time review HERE, I abandoned this ‘story’: ‘Dust Enforcer’ by Reza Negarestani.  I have today read it in full.  It is still difficult. But, as deserved by its context in this book, it gives to this zoo of a book, at least a confabulation of zoological rigour in scientific exposition – coupled with increasingly mote-moating treatments of extrapolated forensics of human soul and demon dust: reminding me of my own ‘All is for the Pest in the Pest of all Possible Worlds’: a dissemination of plague (Cisco’s, in my review yesterday, Kubin’s earlier?) leading to all manner of modern, ancient, mundane, spiritual (even Lovecraftian) considerations: e.g. the recent history of the Middle East and the so-called Arab Spring (possibly now an Arab Autumn?) explicitly shown as part of the “Pest-Cycle“? The synergies of pairs, including male and female symbiosis or host-parasite syndrome and a specific reference to the spiderous symbiosis of Ewers (here an “intoxicated spider“), Cisco’s careerist, careering assassinuousness: here described as “overkilling“. — Not only zoologically rigorous but (tying its leitmotifs into a gestalt) a visionary Biblical-wide Hadron tachyon-electronica of coming to life (and death) as human achievement teetering on the edge of “an autistic nihilism“.  The Higgs boson that was born on Christmas Eve instable. — What this whole book’s about?  Its paper pages all to turn to dust when the planet chooses to enforce new far-reaching processes quite beyond our ken?  Ultra-Ebook-Electronic. Ultra Vires. Ultramundane. Perhaps Reza, in far-seeing hindsight, will be understood as a prophet. But who is clever enough to understand let alone prophesy?

[I hope I have now covered the few stories in ‘The WEIRD’ which I needed to re-appraise, while I am in this re-appraising mood.  If not, please let me know.]

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  1. I hope to read more of Reza’s ‘fiction’ based on my at first faltering but now consolidating experience of the above work.
    PS: I once had a story published called “A Demon Faltering”

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