The Zencore! Statue

18 January 2012

The above anthology book ZENCORE! was published in 2007. For many years, I had owned the above slide-photograph of a supposed statue, without remembering exactly where I took it; although I knew I took and I had a vague memory that it was while lying on my back (in the sunshine) during my honeymoon in 1970 (a holiday based in Clun, Shropshire).

It was only in the last year or so that I discovered, with the use of the internet, that the statue is near Stokesay Castle, Craven Arms.

Very recently, one of the authors in the book stumbled upon it while on holiday.  And I envy him that experience!

But then, by tantalisingly leading me along a lane on Google Maps (today on my 64th Birthday, although I don’t think he knew that), this author gave me a hint towards what has always been hidden, without my knowledge till now, i.e. behind the statue. And this seems to have a great bearing on the later Nemonymous book – CERN ZOO (2009) – as you can see below.  This is almost too spooky to believe.  (I also passed some traffic cones on that Google search!)

Since the above events, I’ve sought out some images from the internet to demonstrate the point, followed by the now famous ‘Cern Zoo’ cover (the photo of which I took in Norway in 2008):


Cern Zoo


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8 responses to “The Zencore! Statue

  1. The Zencore author’s own picture in recent weeks:
    Tim Nickels’ photo


    Alan Bennett:

    “…we wander round the graveyard and come upon the war memorial. It’s of a soldier, solid and even squat, looking as much French as English and though it’s strictly representational with something of Vorticism about it, like a three-dimensional version of the figures that populate the paintings of William Roberts. There’s a reluctance about the soldier, too, the heaviness of the figure more to do with resignation than any eager embracing of the military calling. One of my fellow conscripts in the army used to maintain that the pose of soldiers on war memorials only made sense if you thought of them as just having been caught skiving. And certainly this soldier hardly looks keen and definitely not noble.”

  3. Another serendipity is that the Cerne Abbas Giant (also in the Cern Zoo book) has a ‘hadron’ but politely misspelt!! ZENCORE (a near anagram and prequel book of CERN ZOO) has turned out to be a herbal viagra for sale on the internet.

  4. NB: The ZENCORE and CERN ZOO covers were designed by Dean Harkness.

  5. Anyone who finds this lost edition of ZENCORE!
    will receive a prize from me.

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