Transmedia (yesterday):

Yes, Transmedia is a fun and/or potentially and seriously creative avenue. It fits in with my own past ‘Nemonymous’, ‘Wordhunger’, ‘Weirdmonger Wheel’ ideas and others’ shared worlds etc. But I’ve always seen *the book* as a complete entity. Something posited in the audience arena – tangible – untouchable except by the physical hand – unplagiarisable – mostly (unless with some deliberate malice) unpiratable – and, although beyond the control of its author once posited in that arena, expandable by the special imagination of each reader and not as a viral public multimedia (although, as I have said, above, Transmedia has a lot of potential in itself but not as something eating away gradually at *the book* in our hands).

My concomitant views on Ebooks:

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