Two Items of Recent DFL News

I have been constructively busy in the last few days checking the proof of THE LAST BALCONY – my definitive book collection to be published in 2012 by The InkerMen Press.  I am particularly excited about this and, while re-reading the stories and two unpublished novellas, they came up completely fresh. I was immodestly impressed but I’m not sure how divorced a writer can be from past work … but ‘The Intentional Fallacy’ applies?


“Although I have attempted to categorise the stories in this volume for the purposes of this review, but I should reiterate the the editor has done no such thing, rather through the effectively random sequence and lack of introduction letter each story speak for itself. To take this as a lack of editorial oversight would be an error, however, since this is a carefully crafted anthology as memorable as any of the fictional anthologies in the stories within, and the influence of the inimitable D.F. Lewis is clearly recognizable. I would not be at all surprised if several stories in this volume were nominated or honorably mentioned in the year’s awards and anthologies.”


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  1. Des – the samples I’ve read are wonderful. They’re like a walk through the night, half dreaming. You are really very, very good.

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