Our Last Balcony – Dan Ghetu photograph

This great photograph from an area of  Secret Europe — left to right: writers John Howard, Mark Valentine and Ex Occidente Press’s Dan Ghetu  — is shown here with permission.

I have had a book on the stocks for a few years now — a definitive collection of DF Lewis fiction — entitled ‘The Last Balcony’. I am delighted that this is due to be published as a hardback in 2012 by the InkerMen Press

Once upon a time, ‘The Last Balcony’ was due to be published by Dan Ghetu of Ex Occidente Press.  And there are many happy and aberrant complexities concerned with that.  Life is what happens. Like my many subsequent real-time reviews of Ex Occidente’s publications.

I would like to invite photos depicting your own ‘Last Balcony’, i.e. photos that I can show on this blog.  The best photo, as chosen by myself, will receive a signed copy of the now rare Prime Books 2003 book: ‘Weirdmonger: The Nemonicon’: an earlier collection by DF Lewis — plus ‘The Last Balcony’ when it is published.  My decision is final and if there are not enough entrants I will cancel the competition. No set deadline.


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11 responses to “Our Last Balcony – Dan Ghetu photograph

  1. Caroline Callaghan

    Re your competition, Des, do you want us to send our photo to your usual email address as an attachment?

  2. Yes, please, Caroline. As JPEGs. And I’ll post any publishable photos in this comment stream.
    My address: dflewis48@hotmail.com

  3. John Howard: “I took the attached from (rather than of) a ‘last balcony’: Goetterdaemmerung over Berlin!”


  4. Caroline Callaghan: “Here’s my last balcony! To give you a bit of background, every September our village holds a Wacky Scarecrow Walk. I took this photo at one of those a couple of years ago. The scarecrow on the balcony of what is, in fact, our local Conservative club is Bill Clinton. So I guess it’s his last balcony really, not mine!”


  5. LAST BALCONY closer to my home today than I thought: http://weirdmonger.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/last-balcony-closer-to-home-than-i.html

    My childhood’s FIRST Balcony linked from here: https://nullimmortalis.wordpress.com/2011/08/03/olive-villa-newgate-street-walton-on-naze/ (I think I was at Olive Villa about 3 years from when I was two till I was five (I was born in 1948 and lived with my Mum and Dad in Walton bedsits till then: Saville Street?); we moved to the small cottage in Alfred Terrace in 1953, on the day after the Big Storm (believe it or not) – there was a boat floating down the street! How such a relatively poor working-class 1950s family, as ours was, managed to stay for three years at Olive Villa with such a Balcony is a long story: but we were taken pity on by its then inhabitants!)


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  7. This competition is still open.

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  9. This competition is still still open.

  10. The above competition was never won as a result of lack of interest by a reasonable quorum of entrants, my decision always being final. The replacement competition currently here: http://weirdmonger.wordpress.com/the-authors-three-remaining-available-copies-of-the-weirdmonger-book/

    Thanks to those who did enter. And any above can claim a free signed Last Balcony or Weirdtongue from me as a consolation.

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