Ballistas and Water Bombs

In the last day or so, the TQF Publisher wrote this on his Facebook page explicitly about me: “we certainly felt under attack from him. That was a long drawn-out siege. Luckily the ballistas had nothing but water bombs to throw at us.”

My static measured position on this dispute will continue to be shown HERE.



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4 responses to “Ballistas and Water Bombs

  1. From my perspective, it appears that, today, either the TQF Publisher has deleted his Facebook account or he has ‘banned’ me from his Facebook. (He removed me as a Facebook ‘friend’ a year or so ago and that has remained the situation ever since). His Facebook has been a public site, one that I read for its interesting threads about the BFS etc. And I wouldn’t have known he was publicly making new comments on our dispute, had I not recently been reading this public site.

  2. Today, I spotted the TQF Publisher commenting on a Facebook friend’s timeline. For what it’s worth, I should record here that I appear to be ‘unbanned’.

  3. I now appear to have been banned again.

  4. I thought it best to password this site and I will not keep updating it with my status on Facebook vis a vis the TQF Publisher’s decisions on his Facebook access.