Conduit or Synergist or Subliminist?

I wonder what these four things have in common:

(1) A crossword compiler in Venezuela is said to include codes or clues in one of his crosswords to impel the assassination of Chavez’ brother (although the compiler denies it).

(2) Rebekah Brooks, yesterday, at the Leveson Enquiry, portrays herself, when editor of the Sun, as a combined conduit and synergist of the millions of ‘Sun Readers’ as a Collective Unconscious.

(3) A man convicted yesterday of gouging out the eyes of his girl friend was said to have seen, the day before, a Horror DVD that involved eye gouging.

(4) The Pirate Party in Germany and elsewhere is fast gaining ground in Politics as a sort of Internet Flashmob (without other central beliefs) – if I’ve understood the report on the BBC World Service this morning describing their activities?


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4 responses to “Conduit or Synergist or Subliminist?

  1. Ade Hodges

    Something to do with the power of the mind? You really ought to start work on a fantasy involving these four events. Promptly, sir!

  2. Below is an extract from the BBC article about the Pirate Party (from here

    But it is an unconventional party like no other. Their recent conference was a riot of colour and noise. Some members were dressed as pirates, complete with three-cornered hats. Others played in a children’s pool filled with plastic balls, diving in and bursting out from under the surface.
    Granted, there were formal speeches from the platform, but the hall was filled with people glued to their laptops on lines of trestle tables. They seemed to participate in the conference with one ear listening to the real world, but two eyes staring into cyberspace, their brains flitting in between the two.

    • Ade Hodges

      I’m split between marvelling at how that encapsulates the modern world and fearing for the future. Are we losing touch with reality and entering a true Dickian (of the Philip K variety) world?

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