dadaoism’s torch

Someone not connected with DADAOISM has just mentioned to me ‘The Torch of Chaos and Doubt” in Taoism or Daoism. Regarding the book’s gestalt, I alone either missed its whole point or managed to grasp it.


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  1. …and my cover word ORCzone – ORC is embedded centrally in TORCH!

  2. Having started investigating this further, I feel there is more mileage in greater investigation towards unravelling the gestalt of DADAOISM the book, re poiesis and Socratic Dialogues etc etc. Are there forces at work here that none of us yet understand?

  3. Other factors to co-investigate Proust and Poiesis, Heidegger (butterfly), exoskeletons, parthenogenesis, Socratic dialogue, the self…

  4. Wiki: “The name Orc is possibly an anagram of the word cor (heart) in that he was stated in Blake’s myth to be born of Enitharmon’s heart or orca (whale) because he sometimes takes the form of a whale.” Whales feature in Dadaoism the book, and ‘cor’ is French word for the musical instrument ‘horn’, I recall. Cor anglais. I can imagine the 2012 Olympic Torches doubling as horns…

  5. Thanks, to Rhys: The Mighty Boosh and Old Gregg (We’ve Got the Funk): and a mantorch!

  6. To retrocausally clarify my “I shall stonewall any further ‘speiring’” – ‘speir’ is both an ‘inquiry’ or ‘to ask’ and a ‘sphere’ (‘speer’ (sphere) – is an alternate version of speir).

  7. Having now read QSC’s intro I see that it should have been obvious that the coined word DADAOISM merged DADAISM and DAOISM (TAOISM). Well, I only ‘got’ this after finishing the book! I genuinely formed the Zeroist Group in 1967 – had several members – and had happenings and other artistic things; its constitution included an ambition to return Art to Zero – with express reference to the DADA art movement of earlier in the 20th century – and to start in a new direction from that base. We failed, of course, or succeeded (look at the world of art now!) or failed by so succeeding. So, I automatically assumed that the O in Dadaoism was intended to be a zero…

    The positing of the word Dadaoism as an undefined guide to potential story contributors to an anthology book reminded me of a similar exercise with Elastic Press’s ALSISO (based on a typo) and my own CONE ZERO anthology.

    That is the Publisher’s comment on the omission of title and author’s name from the ‘title page’ of the Cairns story. However with the title thus missing, it is hardly a title page at all, and the Publisher’s subsequent comment that the page number was omitted for title page design reasons doesn’t then really hold water??

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