Dadaoism’s Exoskeleton

Having now read Quentin S Crisp’s introduction to DADAOISM the book (Chômu Press), I see that it should have been obvious to me that the book’s coined title merged DADAISM and DAOISM (TAOISM). Well, I only ‘got’ this after finishing the book!

You see, I was instrumental in forming the Zeroist Group in 1967 – with several members – conducting ‘happenings’ and other artistic things; its constitution included an ambition to return Art to Zero – with express reference to the DADA art movement of earlier that century – and then to start in a new as yet unknown direction from that base. We failed, of course, or succeeded (look at the world of art now!) or failed by so succeeding. So, I automatically assumed that the ‘o’ in Dadaoism was intended to be a zero…

The positing of the word ‘Dadaoism’ as an undefined guide for potential story contributors to an anthology book reminded me of a similar exercise with Elastic Press’s ALSISO (based on a typo) and my own CONE ZERO anthology.

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