The Marianne – Marguerite Syndrome

“Whatever it is that lives, a man, a tree or a bird, should be touched gently, because the time is short.”
– from ‘Green Dolphin Country’ by Elizabeth Goudge (1944)

Interesting that I chose that quotation independently  while reading this 766 page novel on page 253 (where I’d reached), only to discover subsequently that many others like this quote!

This is an amazing novel, for many reasons, after buying it in Ely a few weeks ago…


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6 responses to “The Marianne – Marguerite Syndrome

  1. I’ve just started gratuitously re-reading THE GLASTONBURY ROMANCE by JOHN COWPER POWYS (the first time since I originally read this massive novel with such major effect on me in 1975) – and in the first few pages I was amazed at the opportune mention of the towers of ELY CATHEDRAL across the fens. It seems everything is MEANT to be.

  2. Just to record that in the 1970s that first reading stirred me to take my then young family to Glastonbury on holiday!

  3. I am about four-fifths of the way through ‘Green Dolphin Country’ – and I think this the only work of literature I’ve read where the confusion of the main male character is shared by the reader in a very clever way that it would be remiss of me to explain as it would be a plot spoiler.

    Old Nick is a very interesting character: quite fantastical in the way he transcends parrot-talk and time itself, an objective correlative that threads this massive novel.

  4. Marguerite and Marianne…
    Cf: the introduction of Crummie and Cordelia Geard in ‘The Glastonbury Romance’.

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