Forgetfulness Honey

Rhys Hughes’ concept of Forgetfulness Honey makes me think that books have their own FH that the paper on which they are printed goes some way towards obviating but not, for me, completely obviating (Ebooks, of course, are FH itself – slipping off the eyes non-stickily) … but my retention of books has improved since I started Real-Time Reviewing them as an antidote to FH – each RTR as a sort of dream-catcher. A spin-off to add to any already attaching to such a RTR process (a process that anyone can do) for the benefit of readers and authors and real-time reviewers alike?

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  1. Someone kindly left this comment on the Facebook thread of which the above blog was the start of its topic: “I love your RTRs Des, because they always catch things I missed, or make me go back and re-read certain bits. It’s exactly like reading a book with a fresh set of “Des Lewis” eyes!”

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